Who knew you could make 
$1000 a week in your spare time...
selling used items?
It's only going to get easier as  everyone searches for used items before new ones. 
We lay it all out for you in our 3 short workshops below...
Traditional Yard Sales No Longer Work
Don't waste your time unless you learn the new buying habits in our culture 
(which apply to yard sales too)
The typical yard sale only makes $25 on average.  Ours make $1000+.  That's because we've learned to avoid The 7 Most Common Mistakes to Doing Yard Sales.   We lay it our below.
Posting on Resale Apps Is Easy...Selling Is Hard.
The TV ads say "just snap a photo and post it."  Wow.  That sounds easy.  And it is.  So everyone does.  And their TVs, shoes, purses and love seats all get lost in the pile of the other 5000 items posted in their zip code.  Unless you know how to create Buying Frenzies where you have a line of 5-10 buyers stacked up to buy your stuff within HOURS and not WEEKS...your stuff will just clutter up your room.  Let us show you...
What Do You Do When You Need More Things To Sell?
We discovered what we call The 4 Unlimited Source of Free Stuff that supplies us with as many good items to sell as we can handle.  We typically bring in a load and have it sold within a few days.  It's like money-on-tap.  We work only when we want...or when we need more money for the fun we have planned.  Let us show yo...
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